Dewey Terrace Locator Map

Dewey Terrace Claims Map

Dewey Terrace is located in Wyoming, along extensions of Dewey Burdock Roll Fronts by the South Dakota border. Claims total 13,000 acres staked along historic mineralized trends as defined by past drilling.

Latest Work
Following interpretation of the Teton Exploration drilling database, Powertech completed a 20-hole exploration program in the southern portion of the Dewey Terrace claims. The resulting information was combined with Powertech's database which included historical drilling completed by Federal American Partners and Silver King Mines in the 1970's and 80's.

The objective of the drilling was to confirm regional information contained in the historical databases that indicated the presence of several mineralized uranium "fronts" or zones. Powertech's drilling was successful in confirming and delineating geochemical alteration in sands of the Lakota Formation at depths of 580 to 900 feet. Multiple mineralized solution fronts were found to be associated with this alteration, with mineralized intervals such as 3.0 feet of 0.053% U3O8 and 5.5 feet of 0.047% U3O8 occurring in the oxidized portions of the sands.

What's Next
No exploration activity is planned at Dewey Terrace at this time, as we have focused our resources on permitting activities at the company's Dewey-Burdock Project. We will continue to maintain the prospect in expectation of future development.

During the 1970s and 1980s, geologists encountered uranium mineralization associated with oxidation/reduction boundaries within sandstones of the Lakota and Fall River Formations. These formations form the basal portion of the Inyan Kara Group of Lower Cretaceous age and are the host rocks for the uranium ore mined in the Edgemont District.

Historic exploratory drilling by Federal Resources and the Tennessee Valley Authority indicated that mineralized trends were developed along the oxidation/reduction interfaces where "roll-front" uranium was deposited. Powertech has obtained the results of historic, wide-space drilling which show the location of these mineralized trends within the Dewey Terrace project area.

Regional Geology
The mineralized trends in the Dewey Terrace project area are a continuation of the mapped trends from the Dewey Burdock project in South Dakota. At Dewey Burdock, more than 3000 drill holes have been completed, with 7.6 million pounds of uranium resources (NI 43-101) delineated along the trends. The average grade is 0.21% U3O8.